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About Lindsey Putzier Eclectic Interiors
About Eclectic Interiors Hudson Oh

Hi, I’m Lindsey.

I’m the founder and principal designer at Eclectic Interiors. I graduated with honors from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce. I studied Interior Design at the New York Institute of Art & Design. I’m a Certified True Colour Expert.

But resume highlights aside, let’s take a moment to actually get to know one another. I’ll go first.

Who I Am: Five Fun Facts

1. My favorite color is blue.

And I want to know yours. But first, let me tell you one thing—I bet it’s not gray. Ask a child their favorite color. 100% of kids polled did not say beige. So, if your house is heathered pearl on sandstone creme on snowy owl taupe, I would love to introduce you to your new best friend—the color wheel.

2. My first career was in professional question asking.

Ok, it didn’t exactly say that on my business card. But it should have. I used to be an IT project manager for a consulting firm and knowing the right questions to get to the heart of the solution became my superpower. So, when we work together, I’m going to ask you “why” at all the right times. Trust me, the road to the best outcome is paved with “whys” (and “why nots”).

3. I’m obsessed with historic homes and all things vintage.

I’ve spent my adult life in two historic cities: Alexandria, VA, and Hudson, OH. I love finding pieces that have their own heart and soul. And I absolutely live for the tiny details. The texture of a bone inlay cabinet. The rich velvet trim of a custom drapery. Seriously, don’t even get me started on the intricate hand-loomed pattern of a Persian rug— I’ll never stop talking.

4. I’m learning to play the piano.

Who says learning new things is just for kids? I’m committed to staying curious and in sync with my own creativity. Engaging with the world and keeping myself inspired is integral to who I am. It’s why I love design so much. When clients give me a new aesthetic puzzle to wrap my brain around—that’s pretty much my favorite thing.

5. I love a good dystopian novel.

So, trust me—I’m ready for anything.

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Lindsey Putzier Eclectic Interiors Hudson Oh

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