Lindsey Putzier is an interior decorator and Certified True Color Consultant serving Hudson, OH, and the surrounding communities, including Brecksville, Shaker Heights, North Canton, and all areas in between. Online eDesign services available worldwide.

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Recent Posts

November 20, 2019

I'm calling this one the Citrus Garden House. The inspiration for the whole design concept comes from Schumacher's Citrus Garden fabric in the Pool colorway.

 Citrus Garden Fabric

It's SOOOOO PRETTY!!! The fabric features multiple shades of blue, teal, green, and yellow,...

November 5, 2019

 Small living rooms are tough. It's hard to picture how furniture will fit, and often standard-size furniture is just too big. Here are some tips to help you furnish your small living room!

1. Make sure there’s at least 2.5 feet of space somewhere in the room to serve a...

October 22, 2019

I get a lot of design-related questions in passing. People often assume I can instantly come up with answers to their design dilemmas, but it's not that simple.

Design is much more complicated that it appears. For every design decision, there can be dozens of questions...

October 9, 2019

There are so many moving parts in the interior design industry. And things go wrong all the time. 

As the Resident Control Freak in my business, I've developed processes and checkpoints to cut down on the issues as much as I possibly can. However, there is so much that...

September 24, 2019

The 1980's "Colonial" staircase. Sigh. Orange oak. Oddly beige-y painted spindles. Old carpeting that's seen way better days. And a tile foyer floor that doesn't really flow with anything else. 

 My "before." Yikes.

That was my foyer in a nutshell.

I bet many of you in Hu...

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October 22, 2019

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