Lindsey Putzier is an interior decorator and Certified True Color Consultant serving Hudson, OH, and the surrounding communities, including Brecksville, Shaker Heights, North Canton, and all areas in between. Online eDesign services available worldwide.

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Phone: 330-327-0661


Mon - Fri: 10AM to 6PM


Flexible consultation hours available on request.

Additional fees may apply.

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1. Discovery Phone Call

All services start the same way: with an extensive 30-minute discovery phone call that that includes a preset list of questionnaire questions. This questionnaire will help us assess your project's scope, budget, design style, lifestyle needs, and time frame for the project. 

This discussion will help determine what service category you will need: Color Consultation, Designer on Demand, Full-Service, Shopping Day, etc.

2. Two-Hour Consultation


After the initial consultation payment is received, we'll schedule your initial consultation, which will include up to 90 minutes of design time. You'll be provided with your own project-specific portal where you can add current photos of your home, as well as inspiration pictures. This part is completely optional, but the more information you provide ahead of time, the more productive our initial consultation will be. 

This consultation is a working session where we provide you with design advice and recommendations. Since we have already gathered information about your project, we are able to deliver tremendous value during our very first meeting.  We also take Before pictures of all rooms that are in scope for the project. 

During the last 30 minutes of the consultation, we’ll walk through the letter of agreement for whatever service we’ve determined that you’ll need, to ensure we are all on the same page and to answer any questions you have. This discussion will include the estimated number of hours we believe it will take to achieve your design goals.

We can then sign the letter of agreement together in person, and you will receive a copy of the letter of agreement for your records. Payment for a block of hours is due upon contract signature; the number of hours will vary, depending on the project scope.

3. Measurements 

Next, we will return to your home for room measurements, including square footage and window measurements, for all rooms that are in scope. These measurements are used to create detailed layouts to determine minimum and maximum furniture sizes and potential furniture positioning in each room. These layouts are provided to you within your project portal. We also use these measurements while working with our expert fabric workrooms to create custom window treatments, cushions, pillows, etc.

4. Product Sourcing & Design Concept Preparation

We'll then determine color schemes, source furniture, fabric, and fixtures, and work with trusted tradespeople to gather quotes for your project. This process involves traveling to local vendors, gathering and ordering samples, and researching products online. Product sourcing uses approximately 50% of the hours needed to design a room, so this is a very time-intensive portion of the process. It is also the most creative portion of the process. We have an extensive network of furniture, custom drapery, lighting, artwork, and accessory sources who work only with the design industry. 

5. Design Concept Presentation

We'll meet at your home again with all decision makers present to review your detailed design concept. The design concept includes a furniture layout, a design presentation with furniture, lighting, and area rugs, fabric samples for custom drapery and other upholstered products, paint and/or wallpaper swatches, and hard surface samples for flooring, counters, etc. An investment breakdown of the products is included and will also be available on your product portal after the presentation is completed.

You'll also receive estimates from all tradesmen involved in the project. As Eclectic Interiors is not a general contracting firm, you will be required to hire and coordinate all tradesman directly. 

A second design services hourly prepayment will be due upon the conclusion of the Design Presentation. This hourly prepayment will cover the purchase order creation, purchasing, payment, product tracking, shipping coordination, receiver coordination, product inspection, claim filing, return handling, and white glove delivery coordination aspects of the project.

Limited product revisions (picking alternative products instead of the ones we initial chose) are a normal part of the design process. One round of up to four product revisions is included in the second design services hourly prepayment. Revisions are communicated via email and your project portal. Extensive revisions above and beyond this number will be billed separately at the standard hourly rate. A second Design Concept presentation can be requested if extensive revisions are requested and will also be charged at the standard hourly rate.


6. Product Procurement & Product Tracking / Management

After the design concept is finalized, you will approve all products via your project portal, and we will invoice you for all products. After we receive payment, we'll order all products, track the progress of the orders, and determine delivery dates for custom items. If any items are backordered or discontinued, we will work to find new replacement items or adjust the timeline accordingly. 

Product procurement and tracking can take weeks to months to complete, depending on lead times for custom upholstery and furniture. During this time, you will receive regular project status communication from us, so you will always know the state of your project.

7. Order Receipt & Inspection 

Our professional receivership warehouse then receives all products, inspects them for damage, takes pictures of all items, and stores the products in a safe, climate-controlled warehouse for future installation. Any damaged orders are reported immediately to Eclectic Interiors. In the event of damages, we submit claims for all damaged items and reorder when necessary. 

8. Installation Day & Walkthrough


After all items are received, inspected, and approved at the receiver, we will arrange a day for our white-glove delivery team to deliver your furniture. If there are not sufficient design hours left in your second prepayment, payment for additional design service hours to oversee installation and white glove delivery cost will be due 2 business days prior to installation. Design services hours are estimated based on our prior installation experience. Clients will be billed for any extra hours spend at the installation day, above and beyond the estimated hours. White glove delivery itself is billed at cost, on the day of delivery.

Our installation team will install all artwork, mirrors, and window treatments. We can also bring in an electrician to hang light fixtures, on request. Eclectic Interiors will be present to supervise all deliveries and installations, and we will style all rooms with any purchased accessories, lamps, etc. We'll walk you through all new products to discuss care and warranty information. We'll also take some initial "after" photos of the space.

9. Final Client Review Meeting

We'll meet to discuss the project and collect feedback, reviews, and referrals.  You'll also be sent the final invoice prior to this meeting. 

10. Professional Photography

We'll often request for a professional photographer to come and photograph the space for inclusion in our design portfolio. We will be present during the photography session. The photography session is complimentary and will be scheduled based on your convenience. Copies of the photographs will be available to you, at the photographer's standard fee.