Designer on Demand

What it is:

A package of customizable design hours with endless possibilities!

After our initial consultation, we’ll align on a set block of hours and how we’ll use them to get things done.

Here are examples of what we can accomplish with a few dedicated hours and lots of creativity:

  • Floorplanning for when you’re making a change in residence and want to see if your furniture will jive with the new space
  • Color expertise for when you want to brighten up the palette of a neutral-toned home, but are afraid of making hideous hue mistakes
  • Selections to support your kitchen or bathroom renovation— flooring, tile, countertops, cabinetry, and all the pretty little details like lighting and cabinet hardware
  • Styling strategy for your fireplace, bookshelves, or holiday tablescapes
  • Plans to help you select new window treatments that will work best for every room
  • Lighting solutions to save your home from the brink of the builder basic
  • Getting that pile of unframed art off the office table and onto your actual wall
  • And answers to those nebulous design frustrations that have you asking, “Why does this sunroom feel so depressing?”, “How do I fix this awkward foyer?”, and, “Can I bring my kitchen out of 1987 without spending a billion dollars?”

And, seriously, so much more! If you can dream it—we can get you on the road to making it happen.

Who it’s for:

Design enthusiasts who have the time and energy to make it happen—but want a professional to weigh in on the big design choices before they invest.

Those with specific design challenges, questions, or smaller projects that don’t require a design team to realize, but could use a designer’s brain to create.

It’s also perfect for people who hate shopping and prefer their online search time be reserved for unlikely animal friendships, not page twelve of Amazon results for “green ottoman cool”.

Ready to kickstart the project that’s been on your list for… ever? We are!



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