Design Consultation

What it is:

Our two-hour on-site consultation is where we’ll ask you questions, listen to your project’s needs, and generally get to know one another.

Since we will have already gathered information about your project, we’ll arrive prepared to provide tremendous value during our time together.

In our working session we’ll deliver plenty of answers, advice, and affirmations. We’ll be able to help pinpoint the changes that will have the biggest impact as well as identify what parts of your space are perfect just the way they are.

We’ll even bring our graph paper for quick sketches, follow up with relevant recommendations, and, of course, leave you with a few fun concepts for adding a little color!

Who it’s for:

Everyone! All roads begin here.

After the consultation we’ll know if your design destination is our customizable designer on demand package or our take-care-of-everything full-service design!

Our consultation also can be booked as a stand-alone service for those looking for a professional eye to bless an existing design plan, solve a specific interior challenge, or help save you from the design doldrums.

Ready to get eclectic? Get started.

Our Consultation Gift Certificate

We offer gift certificates for our two-hour on-site design consultation.

The perfect gifts to celebrate moms-to-be planning a nursery, recent retirees ready to renovate that writing room, and new homeowners who need a little help with… pretty much everything.

And if you’re a realtor looking for a fun, creative, and truly memorable thank you gift for new clients—we’ve got you!

Contact us to give the gift of living beautifully ever after!


Design Services

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