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How long will this take?

It depends on the service! Designer on Demand hours are good for 90 days, so you have essentially three months to use the hours. Typically, we finish within six weeks. Full-service design projects take an average of 3-4 months to complete. Renovation projects will depend on your contractor and a number of factors. Those can take anywhere from 3-12 months to complete.

How do you work? What’s the process?

Every project starts with an Initial 2-Hour Consultation. From there, we decide if you want a client-led design experience where you can be more involved, like Designer on Demand. Or you can choose a designer-led experience with very low time commitment on your part, like Full-Service Design.

How will we know which service makes sense for me?

This is what the Initial Consultation is for. I will ask a bunch of questions about your project scope, purchasing preferences, desired level of design involvement, etc, and I will recommend a service for you based on your needs.

How often do you communicate with me throughout the project?

A lot! Generally, we’ll be in touch weekly, if not more often, unless we’re in the procurement phase of a full-service design project, which can stretch out over a longer period of time. During those periods, I might update you every two weeks.

How will you figure out my aesthetic?

The short answer is: I ask a lot of questions. And your answers are very telling. Generally, at an initial consultation, you’re going to be talking much more than I am. Sometimes folks have a very obvious preference toward a style. Sometimes, we use a process of elimination to talk about what you DON’T like to then figure out what you will like. I’ll also show you photos of other designs to discuss what you like and dislike about them. If you have a design inspiration board (magazine pages, Pinterest, etc.), I would absolutely love to see it.

How will you source colors and patterns that suit my taste?

We’ll have a color and pattern conversation! I’ll also observe what is in your home now and ask you questions about those items. Do you like that polka dot pillow? How do you feel about your current vintage dining room rug? Are there any colors currently in the house that you are sick of staring at? What are your favorite colors to wear? (Yep, this often translates into what colors you’re going to want to see in your own house.)

Why can’t we pick paint colors first?

To be blunt: Paint is easy. Everything else is much harder. We want to select the other colorful elements of the room first: the fabrics, rugs, artwork, etc, and then simply find some colors that coordinate. Trying to do the reverse – designing a room around a specific wall color – will take a LOT longer and will really limit what we can do with your space.

Do I have to throw out everything in my room? Will you work with some of my existing stuff?

I encourage you to keep anything that is meaningful and has value to you. I’m a huge fan of family heirlooms, gifts, and treasures you found while traveling. I love to incorporate your special things into the overall design.

I’ve heard horror stories about designers sweeping in and doing whatever they want in my friend’s home, and my friend hates it. Is that going to happen to me?

It’s my core mission to make YOUR home reflect YOU. It’s not about me or my designer ego. That’s why you’ll see so many different looks in my portfolio – I get to know each client and design for them.

What if you design something and I don’t LOVE it?

That’s why our full-service contract has revisions built right into it. If there’s a specific element you don’t love, we’ll find a replacement – no problem! Most contracts have five revisions and the most I’ve ever had was 2. I ask a lot of questions upfront to avoid missing the mark with your design.

Can I buy things online myself, instead of through you?

If you are doing Designer on Demand, you will be purchasing everything yourself online, via online vendors. The selection will be limited, and you’ll be managing all of the purchasing and delivery. If you’re doing Full-Service Design, Eclectic Interiors is your retailer, and we will be doing all of the product procurement and delivery management for you. We are a store without a storefront and work directly with manufacturers to offer you a huge array of products that you can’t find online.

What’s so great about custom window treatments? Why not just get something online?

Ready-made panels—the ones you can buy online—only come in specific lengths and widths and often do not fit regular residential windows. The 84” are too short, and the 96” panels are too long. They’ll either be highwaters or sloppily pooling on the floor. Ready-made panels are usually not lined, so they will fade from sun exposure over time. There are also a limited number of fabrics available online. Not so with custom! There are hundreds of thousands of fabrics out there, and we’ll find the one that’s perfect for your home!

So your job is just to pick out pretty things, right?

“Pretty” is about 20% of what I do. The other 80% is function. My mission is to make sure everything functions in your home – that it’s comfortable and fits your needs. If you have back problems, I’m going to find the most ergonomically pitched, firm cushion sofa for your needs.

If you’re super tall, I’m going to take the seat height into account.

If you have 4 kids and 3 dogs, you bet I’m going to recommend a super cleanable performance fabric for your lifestyle. Function is always my top priority. “Pretty” is just a bonus!

How can it possibly take you 3 hours to pick out one sofa?

I don’t just “select” an existing sofa. I’m selecting the cushion firmness for the seat and back cushions, based on what you prefer. I’m looking for a specific length, width, and height that works in your space. I’m finding a seat depth that works for how tall you are and how you lounge on your sofa. And during all of that, I’m also keeping the aesthetics of the sofa in mind, based on your design style.

And yes—I’m making sure the sofa is in the correct investment range. After I find the perfect frame, then I’m looking through hundreds (if not thousands) of fabrics to pick the one that’ll work best for your space. I’m also often selecting the leg finish, figuring out the nail head color, adding contrast welting, selecting a trim for the skirt, etc, depending on the sofa.

It’s a lot more than just, “Hey, that looks pretty. Let’s just go with it.” It’s creating the perfect piece that will last for years.

Will you hang my artwork and drapes for me?

My professional, accredited window treatment installers and art hangers will hang everything for you. (Trust me, you don’t want me doing that myself. It’s not my forte.)

What’s the fee structure?

Our design rates are clear and transparent:

An Initial Consultation within 20 miles of Hudson is $345. An Initial Consultation outside of 20 miles from Hudson will require an additional fee, depending on the distance traveled.

Designer on Demand:

  • 10 Hours: $1600
  • 20 Hours: $3100
  • 30 Hours: $4600

Full-Service Projects:

Full-Service Design is a minimum of $3900 for a full room. The design services fee is based on the scope of work included in the contract. The fee schedule: 50% paid at contract signing and 50% due two days before the design presentation. All products are purchased through Eclectic Interiors and products are paid 100% at the time of purchase. Shipping is included in the cost of products. White glove delivery is extra and will be charged at cost.

Does Eclectic Interiors have a minimum project size?

We offer one-time, stand-alone two-hour consultations for folks who just need a little help. Our smallest Designer on Demand package is 10 hours. Full-Service projects are a minimum of $3900 for one full room. There is no mandated minimum product expenditure, but our smallest full-service project to date was $12,000 in product, plus design services fees.

How do I know I should hire an interior designer?

If you are afraid of making a costly bad design decision while renovating, hire an interior designer. If you know what you like but can’t quite seem to put everything together, hire an interior designer. If you have zero free time to dedicate to enhancing your home, but are really sick of living like you’re still in college, hire an interior designer. If you think you have no taste but want a beautiful home, hire an interior designer.

What if I have no idea how much things cost?

That’s ok – it’s normal! And honestly, there are some cable networks out there dispelling some pretty ridiculous budget information…so if you’re doing full-service design with me, I’ll come back after our Initial Consultation with a Good / Better / Best price sheet for everything in scope for your project. There will be sticker shock. Chances are, you’ve never added up the total of every item in your room. That’s also completely normal!

What is a receiver?

A receiver is a warehouse that receives, inspects, and stores items. The receiver lets us know if anything comes in damaged, and then we submit a damage claim. Most often, you’ll never even know if something was damaged, since it’s our job to ensure it’s fixed.

What is white glove delivery?

White glove delivery consists of a team of professional movers who load all of your items from the receiver into a small delivery truck, deliver the items inside your home, set up everything exactly where you want it to go, removing and discarding all packaging, and dusting off the items, if needed. Eclectic Interiors is always present to oversee the white glove delivery team.

Why can’t I just have everything shipped right to my house?

If you’re purchasing through Eclectic Interiors, we have accounts direct with manufacturers. Manufacturers ship furniture and other large items in large freight trucks that require a loading dock for delivery. Many times, these trucks are too large to fit down residential streets. Residences also don’t have loading docks, so your furniture would have to be thrown down from the truck.

Also, you’d have no warning as to what time the truck would be arriving, and everything would be delivered piecemeal from the various manufacturers. There are some exceptions: small lighting, some small furniture items, and smaller rugs can sometimes be drop-shipped, which means delivered right to your home. There is often a drop-ship fee for this service, however.

How do you track your time?

When I start working on a Designer on Demand client’s project, I hit the timer on my phone. When I stop, I hit it again. It’s that simple. I record all of my time in your Time Tracker, which you have access to look at any time you want in your MyDoma project portal.

Why don’t you want me there during installation day?

Installation day is a hectic, hot mess. There are several delivery people there, as well as the window treatment installer, sometimes an art hanger, and of course myself. It can seem really overwhelming to an observer, and my goal is to give you a peaceful environment – not something steeped in chaos.

When we’re finished with installation, THAT’S when you should see your new room for the first time. Plus, why ruin the surprise???

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