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For your project to have the best result, there are a few things we need you to do. 

1. Be open to new ideas and think outside your comfort zone.

You’re not hiring a professional designer to put together a look that you could purchase right off a furniture store floor – you’re hiring us for our ideas and creativity. We will likely push your boundaries a little bit, and trust in the vision is a necessary part of the process. 

2. Answer all of our discovery call questions with as much detail as possible.

Take your time. The more information you provide, the more we’ll get to know you. The more we get to know you, the quicker we can design your perfect space. The quicker we design your space, the less money you spend on design hourly services. We deliver the best value when we know our clients and have a full understanding of their design style and lifestyle.

3. Tell us what you don’t like, as well as what you do like.

As much as being open to new ideas is important, so is communicating the things you just do not like. We will dig down deeper to find out why you don’t like certain things, so be prepared for us to ask follow up questions. We’re not taking your dislike personally! We just want to make sure we understand why you don’t like something so that we can make a better choice for you.

4. Be responsive to communication.

Responsive communication makes the process go faster, saving you hours of follow-up administrative time. More importantly,the faster you respond, the less likely something you love will go out of stock or be back-ordered.

5. Remember that there are no true “design emergencies.”

There are design inconveniences and frustrations, sure – but let’s not compare a ripped sofa cushion to a heart attack. Keeping perspective is a huge part of our philosophy, and we love working with clients who have similar outlooks on life. Let’s enjoy making over your home, and remember that anything that does go wrong can be fixed! (Not that things go wrong all the time, but it does happen – and it’s often out of Eclectic Interior’s control. However, we’re experts at being the “squeaky wheel” and making things right for you!)

6. Have fun!

Redesigning your home should be an enjoyable, stress-free experience. If you’re not having fun or are stressed out over something, let us know! We can help alleviate your stress – that’s another big reason you’re hiring us to begin with.

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