Tips for Furnishing Small Living Rooms

Updated: Feb 11

Small living rooms are tough. It's hard to picture how furniture will fit, and often standard-size furniture is just too big. Here are some tips to help you furnish your small living room!

1. Make sure there’s at least 2.5 feet of space somewhere in the room to serve as the “walking space.” 3 feet is usually ideal, but you can get away with 2.5 feet in tight spaces.

Two chairs fit well. Three would be way too tight to pass through.

2. Look for pieces with large interior seat measurements to get the maximum space for the size of the piece.

Check out how narrow these arms are. That's maximized space!

3. Avoid pieces with large arms. English roll and straight arms fit nicely into compact spaces. Larger roll arms tend to take up too much space and seem out of scale with the room itself.

This large-arm sofa would be out of scale in a tiny room.

The straight arms on these pieces are space-savers!

4. Turn a larger loveseat into a sofa and use an ottoman instead of a coffee table to really maximize space without sacrificing comfort.

This ottoman doubles as a coffee table. Just add a tray for drinks!

Need help with a layout for your tiny space? Contact me to chat!


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