Inside an Initial Consultation: Part 1

Inside an Initial Consultation: Part 1

Lindsey Putzier Eclectic Interiors Hudson Ohio

Ever wondered what gets discussed during an initial consultation?

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what we discussed and accomplished during one clients’ initial consultation! It’s a lot, so I’m breaking it up into multiple posts. Enjoy!

Family Room Layout Quandary

My clients were really struggling with finding a good layout for furniture in this open concept space with the odd angled fireplace, so I sketched up this rough (not to scale) layout during the consultation.

Hand Sketched Family Room Floor Plan Eclectic Interiors Hudson Ohio

This drawing became the to-scale furniture layout below (actual scale of all final pieces).

Digital Drawing of Family Room Space Plan Eclectic Interiors Hudson Ohio

Kitchen Backsplash Woes

Pink beige travertine tile dated the kitchen and made the counters look extremely yellow.

Before Photo of Pink beige travertine Kitchen Backsplash tile

I recommended a change to a beautiful Ann Sacks modern glass tile, installed in rows for a contemporary feel. I also recommended a dark grout color and oil-rubbed bronze outlets.

Kitchen After Photo Ann Sacks modern glass backsplash tile, dark grout color and oil-rubbed bronze outlets.

Arch Pains

The one random arched passageway in the home just did not fit with the rest of the architecture.

Before photo of arched passageways Eclectic Interiors Hudson, OH

My clients weren’t fans, but their friends kept telling them to leave the arch. I reassured them that you can get rid of one arch and still maintain the integrity of the architecture. The passageway looks MUCH more in tune with the rest of the home now.

After photo of removed arched passageways Eclectic Interiors Hudson, OH

More Drama Required!

The dining room color wasn’t my client’s favorite, but they had no idea what to do instead.

Before Photo of Dining Room Space Eclectic Interiors Ohio

I recommended black, since I knew my clients love black. This room has both ample natural light and electric light, plus it has a lot of white woodwork, so the room can handle a super dark color. I also recommended nixing the paint in the tray ceiling to let the architecture itself be the star.

Moody Urban Home Dining Room Space After Eclectic Interiors Hudson, OH

Bye Bye, Off-Centered Can Lights

Can lighting has its place…but not awkwardly off center over the dinette eating area.

Before Photo of off-centered ceiling can lights in Kitchen Space

I recommended having the two can lights removed and adding a chandelier in the center of the eating area, instead.

Moody Urban Home Dinette Space After Photo

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